5 Bizarre Roadside Attractions in North Carolina

February 19th, 2016 by

North Carolina has plenty of conventional charms, but why stick to the ordinary? Pack up your Volkswagen, hit the road, and keep an eye out for the Tar Heel State’s weirdest roadside attractions.

Bizarre Roadside Attractions in North Carolina

Tom Haywood’s Kicking Machine

Whether you’ve been misbehaving or you just want to go there for the novelty of it, you can head to Tom Haywood’s Kicking Machine for a good kick in the rear. The machine is one of only two in existence.

This weird machine is in the parking lot of the Angus Barn Restaurant in Raleigh. The other machine is in Croatan.

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Bizarre Roadside Attractions in North Carolina

The World’s Largest Chest of Drawers

Do you never seem to have enough space in your dresser for all your clothes? Maybe you should head to High Point, North Carolina, which is home to the world’s largest chest of drawers. This enormous structure is more than 32 feet tall — that’s taller than most two-story houses! It was built in the 1800s to celebrate High Point’s status as “The Furniture Capital of the World.”

The chest is otherwise known as “The Bureau of Information” and presents the perfect opportunity for some awesome Instagram-worthy photos.

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Bizarre Roadside Attractions in North Carolina

Devil’s Tramping Ground

Legend has it that the devil paces on this patch of land as he plots against the world, and that’s why it’s so strange here. There are no organisms in the soil, compasses go crazy, and people start to feel sick when they step inside.

While the fable behind this bizarre patch of land is unbelievable, it’s still worth a stop if you’re in the mood for a serious spine-tingling experience. Scientists speculate that no plants grow in the area because an extremely high concentration of salt makes the soil sterile.

The Devil’s Tramping Ground is in Chatham County near Siler City.

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Bizarre Roadside Attractions in North Carolina

Land of Oz

When you visit the Land of Oz, you and your fellow road-trippers will be brimming with jokes about Toto and how you’re not in North Carolina anymore. The Land of Oz is a restored Oz-themed park in Beech Mountain, North Carolina.

The park is only open to the public for one weekend a year, usually in October, so you’ll have to time your visit right in order to experience this strange and wonderful attraction. Stroll along the Yellow Brick Road, and get your picture taken with all your favorite characters from the unforgettable “The Wizard of Oz” film.

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Bizarre Roadside Attractions in North Carolina

The Odditorium

Even if you have a fantastic car like a Volkswagen, you’ll probably need some pit stops during your trip. The Odditorium in Asheville might look like an ordinary dive bar, but inside it is full of strange — and sometimes disturbing — things. Some of the weird decorations inside change daily, so there is always something new to gape at. They also have live music. But if you’re traveling with kids, you should probably skip this bizarre place and head somewhere that is a little more on the conventional side.

Whether you’re into big furniture, old movies, or creepy places, North Carolina has a strange roadside attraction that is bound to capture your imagination.

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