Charlotte Volkswagen Dealer Simultaneously Wins Both of Volkswagen’s Highest Honors

January 27th, 2017 by

Charlotte Volkswagen Dealer

Volkswagen of South Charlotte recently achieved a rare feat by simultaneously winning both of Volkswagen’s most prestigious awards, the Wolfsburg Crest (for the fourth time) and admission into the Customer First Club.

The Wolfsburg Crest is given to Volkswagen dealers who display a proven record of providing superior customer service and meet Volkswagen’s highest expectations. Entrance into Volkswagen’s exclusive Customer First Club is solely based upon customer feedback obtained through surveys. Both of these awards are coveted by Volkswagen retailers around the world. However, because of the demanding requirements which must be met, only a few actually attain either one of these accolades. This makes it even more remarkable that Volkswagen of South Charlotte earned both awards at the same time. In fact, they were one of only twelve of the country’s 652 Volkswagen retail locations to earn this distinction. This firmly cements Volkswagen of South Charlotte’s position among the top-rated Volkswagen dealerships in the nation when it comes to performance and customer satisfaction.

Managing partner, Mark Cohen, is extremely pleased by the news as it is further justification of the extraordinary lengths to which he and his entire staff go every day in order to make sure visitors to Volkswagen of South Charlotte have a buying and ownership experience that is in Cohen’s words, “truly exceptional”. In addition to garnering this recognition from the manufacturer, Cohen’s efforts have resulted in his dealership becoming the number one Volkswagen dealer in the Carolinas based upon their sales figures and customer service index.

When asked for a comment on the news Cohen responded, “We’re very flattered to have been presented with the Wolfsburg Crest once again and of course receiving the Customer First at the same time makes it even more exciting, but what really means the most to us is the confirmation that we’re giving our customers what they want.” Cohen added, “It’s all about teamwork and I am very proud of our staff.”

Instead of an end goal, Cohen sees these awards as encouragement to look for new ways to provide an even more enjoyable experience in their new modern facility which includes a state of the art showroom located at 9900 South Boulevard in Charlotte. After being asked where Volkswagen of South Charlotte goes from here, Cohen answered “Wherever our customers want us to go.”