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May 18th, 2016 by

Volkswagen GTI

Volkswagen is pretty crafty when it comes to creating concept cars. Last year, they created a touring racecar concept based on the Golf, and this year, that concept has become a reality. Though the car isn’t going to race in the U.S. and won’t be commercially available, this GTI TCR racecar is an exciting innovation from Volkswagen.

Volkswagen’s Hatchback Racecar

Volkswagen is pretty crafty when it comes to creating concept cars. Though Volkswagen did a lot of work to the GTI to make it race worthy, they wisely kept the exterior as similar to the modern Golf GTI we all know and love as possible.

In 2015, Volkswagen released a concept version of their racing GTI, called the Golf Race Car Concept. The model out today looks very similar to that racing concept. Clearly, it’s important to Volkswagen to maintain that iconic Golf look. Volkswagen is only making 20 of these beauties, and they’re already sold out.

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Under the GTI TCR’s Hood

Volkswagen grabbed the engine from the Golf R; you know the one, the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged machine that gives the R such a kick. But they modified that engine, upping the horsepower to 330 and giving it 300 lb.-ft. of torque. The car is a front wheel drive with a six-speed sequential transmission specifically designed for racing.

Somehow, Volkswagen managed to make this GTI look like the quintessential racecar without losing the Golf’s attractive visual cues. VW widened the GTI’s chassis by 15.7 inches, added a significant fin on the back end, and gave it a serious front splitter. All in all, it’s an aerodynamic car that looks aggressive from all angles. Kind of like a Golf on steroids, but in a good way.

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Get Close With the GTI SE

As fun as the GTI TRC looks to drive, it’s probably for the best that you’re not one of the 20 people who will get to own one. The transmission and the wide stance would make driving it on a daily basis a little difficult. You don’t need to speed down the highway to get to work, unless you’re looking for a ticket.

But since you’re probably drooling over the GTI TRC, don’t fret. The GTI SE 4-Door with Performance Package offers great standard engine features. The 4-cylinder TSI engine achieves 220 horsepower, which they’ve combined with a limited-slip differential and brake upgrades to give you better handling than ever. Plus, VW gives you driving mode choices: pick between normal, sport, or individual to get the exact feel you want out of your GTI. Add the available DCC Dynamic Chassis Control if you want to stiffen your suspension for a ride experience more like a sports car.

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People have consistently loved the Volkswagen Golf for so many decades, which is why the GTI TRC is a racecar that will win the crowds. Come to VW South Charlotte to check out our selection of Golf models, or to test drive the Golf GTI model that you fancy the most.