VW of South Charlotte Blog: What is the VW R-Line?

June 13th, 2016 by

VW R-Line

If we’re being honest, Volkswagen has never really been known as a sports car, per se. Distinctive, yes. Stylish? Absolutely. VWs have personality, to be sure. Lots of them are even sporty in our own way. But with the new VW R-Line, Volkswagen hopes to take things one step further. Joining brands like Mercedes, BMW and Audi, VW has launched a new performance division, known as the “R-line.”

In fact, Volkswagen formed a new subsidiary, known as Volkswagen R GmbH, just for this purpose. Their objective is to create VWs that are hard core, with exclusive equipment packages as well as models, and even make one-off cars. This new subsidiary will take over Volkswagen Individual, another subsidiary that’s being closed.

Coming to America

For some time in Europe, all VW models have been available in the R line packages, regardless of which particular VW engine was under the hood. The modified body has been purely ascetic, offering a sleeker and sportier look without impacting performance. This has worked fairly well; as VW has several of the best-selling automobile models in Europe. Some buyers look for anything, even just a modified body, to set their vehicle apart from the other VWs on the street.

More than just Trim Levels

The new R line in the United States, however, is about more than just stylized trim levels. Think in terms of the Mercedes AMG division, or BMW’s M division. Besides simple body kids or wheels, you’ll get a whole lot more performance and power to go with the better style.

A good example of this is in the Scirocco R engine, which comes in at 270 horsepower. The Golf R gets a whopping 270 hp. The R-line Passat is speculated to have anything from a high-powered four-cylinder to Volkswagen’s VR6, or possibly a variation on the 2.5-liter five-cylinder that is used in the Audi TT RS, which comes in at 340 hp.

We’ll probably see tuned diesel models, too. The previous generation of the Touareg, for example, came with an optional 350 hp V-10 TDI. While the V-10 TDI may be a thing of history, it wouldn’t surprise us to see a high-powered V-8 TDI.

VW R-Line

Possible One-Offs

The R line gives VW the opportunity to play around with their products a little bit. An R line model may show up once, and then not again for several years. We can see interesting combinations, such as a Golf R using the Audi TT RS engine, a powerful and strong power plant that would fit just fine under the hood of the Golf.

R Line Models

There are three primary candidates for R line VWs at this point. We’re likely to see R line options in the Golf, The Passat and the Tiguan.

Keep in mind, too, that the R-line isn’t necessarily the same as the R model. Currently a Golf R is powered by 2.0-liter turbocharged engine at 296 hp. How this translates going forward, we’ll have to wait to see to find out.

In addition to other variations mentioned above, R-line will usually add features like:

  • 17-inch alloy wheels with a specific design
  • Body-colored roof spoiler
  • Rear diffuser housing a twin-tipped exhaust pipe
  • R-line specific body kit that includes sports front and rear bumpers, front grille and side skirts
  • Sports seats
  • Black roof lining
  • Stainless steel pedals
  • R-Line door sill protectors

If you want to know more about the Volkswagen R line, talk to the experts at VW of South Charlotte today. They’ll show you what’s available as well as what’s coming, and they’ll help you find the right Volkswagen for your situation.